Lindy AI

AI “employees” without needing any coding skills


$ 29 /month

Compatibility : Web Base is a platform that allows you to build custom AI “employees” without needing any coding skills. These AI agents can automate various tasks across different industries, such as medical transcription, customer support, and administrative work, offering benefits like increased speed, reduced costs, and 24/7 availability.

  • What it is: is a platform for building custom AI agents to automate tasks.

Tool Description


    • No coding required: Build AI agents using natural language instructions.
    • Wide range of applications: Use cases include medical transcription, customer support, HR, recruiting, sales, and executive assistance.
    • Scalable and adaptable: AI agents can handle growing workloads and adapt to new situations.
    • Integrations: Connects with various internal systems and tools.
    • Pre-built agents: Access pre-made agents for specific tasks in the Lindy Store.
    • Human oversight: Define situations where human intervention is required.



Tool Pricing

Starter – $ 29/month

  • 3000 Credit
  • 1,500 GPT-3.5 queries
  • 150 GPT-4-Turbo queries

Standard – $ 49/month

  • 5000 Credit
  • 2,750 GPT-3.5 queries
  • 275 GPT-4-Turbo queries

Pro – $ 99/month

  • 11000 Credit
  • 5,500 GPT-3.5 queries
  • 550 GPT-4-Turbo queries