BuildShip AI


$ 25/month

Compatibility : Web Base

BuildShip offers a low-code visual backend builder powered by AI, allowing users to build backend workflows, APIs, scheduled jobs, and cloud functions without complex coding. It combines the ease of no-code with the flexibility of code.

  • Product Overview:
    • BuildShip is a visual low-code backend builder.
    • Users can build backend tasks in minutes without extensive coding.
    • It is powered by AI, offering a combination of no-code and code functionalities.
  • Template Examples:
    • Examples include Google Vision for text detection, Stripe Checkout completion triggers, HTML to PDF conversion, Vector DB search, Music Generation, and WhatsApp ChatGPT bot.
  • Friction-Free Serverless APIs:
    • Users can deploy cloud-ready scripts without code, ensuring scalability without unexpected costs.
  • Advanced Dev Tools:
    • Code accessibility is enhanced with autocomplete, lightning-fast debugging, and secure sandboxing.
    • BuildShip emphasizes JavaScript/TypeScript development with extensive reference materials.
  • Resources and Support:
    • Users have access to documentation, video tutorials, case studies, and a community for support.

Tool Description


    • The Nodeverse allows users to connect pre-built nodes or generate their own using AI.
    • Users can browse through a wide range of ready-made nodes or create custom ones.
    • AI integration enables the generation of multimodal flows with various AI models.
    • Templates are available for quick start, covering complex use cases using popular AI tools.


Tool Pricing


  • 5 workflows
  • 3 execution hours
  • 1 concurrent execution
  • 20 AI generated nodes
  • 1 user
  • 10 GB storage

Starter : $ 25/month

  • 20 workflows
  • 10 execution hours
  • No rate limit
  • 50 AI generated nodes
  • 3 user
  • 100 GB storage

Pro : $ 79/month

  • Unlimited workflows
  • 70 execution hours
  • No rate limit
  • 100 AI generated nodes
  • 10 user
  • 1 TB storage