Saner AI

summarizing PDFs & browsing web content-AI models to aid users in developing new ideas



Compatibility : Web Base

Saner.AI is an AI-powered tool designed to help users capture, organize, and utilize their knowledge more effectively.

  • Simple & Powerful AI Second Brain: Saner.AI positions itself as a second brain powered by AI, aiming to assist users in managing their knowledge.
  • Capture and Organize Notes: Users can capture notes and information via a side panel note and clipper, and the tool offers features like focus mode and tag suggestions for organization.
  • Find and Connect Ideas: Saner.AI allows users to find connections between ideas through natural language search and visualize them in list or graph view.
  • Develop New Ideas: The tool offers functionalities like summarizing PDFs and browsing web content and AI models to aid users in developing new ideas.

Tool Description


Saner.AI also includes features like smart inbox, hierarchical folders, and upcoming functionalities like offline sync and mobile capture.


Tool Pricing

  • Free Beta and Limited Information: Currently in beta, Saner.AI offers a free sign-up and provides limited information on pricing and specific functionalities.