5 minute lesson plan ai tool

5 Minute Lesson Plan

teachers to streamline and simplify lesson planning


£ 5 /month

The 5 Minute Lesson Plan is a popular tool used by teachers to streamline and simplify lesson planning. It’s designed to help educators focus on learning outcomes rather than getting bogged down in the details of planning. The approach breaks down complex teaching thoughts into manageable, bite-sized chunks, supporting cognitive thinking and structuring the thought process for effective teaching.

When preparing a lesson using the 5 Minute Lesson Plan, educators follow steps such as setting clear, measurable objectives, identifying appropriate teaching strategies, preparing materials and resources, creating a detailed timeline, incorporating differentiated instructions, and integrating assessment methods. This streamlined approach aids in efficient lesson planning and execution.

Tool Description


  • Key features of the 5 Minute Lesson Plan include a simplified planning structure that helps in designing lessons in a clear and effective manner within a constrained time limit.
  • The plan emphasizes identifying clear, measurable objectives for the lesson, appropriate teaching strategies, necessary materials and resources, a detailed timeline, differentiated instructions, and relevant assessment methods.


Tool Pricing

Essential Plan –  £ 5 /month

  • Exclusive monthly resource
  • Editable template
  • detailed slide desk