goodhues ai tool

GoodHues AI

Optimize your interior design process

Freemium is a platform that offers tools to experiment with various design elements in interior design, such as color palettes, furniture styles, and lighting options.

Generative AI, a branch of artificial intelligence, employs algorithms to produce fresh data or content. Goodhues utilizes this technology to fuel their creative simulator, enabling designers to swiftly generate novel design choices using their specified inputs.

It leverages artificial intelligence to assist in creating unique and aesthetically pleasing designs for interiors, aiming to revolutionize the interior design industry. They are developing a multimodal AI assistant to simplify interior design tasks.

Tool Description


  • advanced machine learning algorithms to generate realistic 3D models of interior design spaces
  • easy to use, even for those without professional design experience
  • wide range of design elements, including color palettes, furniture styles, lighting options, and more.
  • easily mix and match design elements until you find the perfect combination


Tool Pricing

Free Plan

  • Limited 8 design

Pro Plan – $ 8 /month

  • Unlimited design