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Kards AI

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$ 5.99 /month

Compatibility : Android App, IOS App
KardsAI is an AI-driven flashcard creation app that converts notes, PDFs, and books into flashcards, optimizing learning through advanced spaced repetition algorithms.
The app offers progress tracking, motivating notifications, and the ability to upload learning materials to create flashcards for seamless studying.
KardsAI enhances learning by swiftly converting notes and PDFs into flashcards, making studying smarter and more efficient for users.
The app employs a proven spaced repetition algorithm for optimal learning and memory retention, ensuring efficient and effective study sessions.
Users can access pre-made decks, track their progress, challenge friends, and receive motivating notifications, making KardsAI a comprehensive and interactive learning tool.

Tool Description


📚 KardsAI is an Instant Flashcard Mobile App with AI.

🔄 AI-powered learning: Convert Notes, books, PDFs, or any topic into flashcards instantly.

📱 Available for both Android and iOS.

🤖 Unlock the power of AI for effortless learning and eliminate manual card creation.

📖 Suitable for various purposes such as exam preparation, language learning, and memory improvement.

🔄 Advanced spaced repetition algorithm for optimal learning and longer retention.


Tool Pricing

In-App Purchases

  • Monthly Pro Subscription$5.99
  • Yearly Pro Subscription$29.99
  • 50.000 Gems$34.99