Lensa AI

image editing app for Magic Correction for facial retouching


$ 2.99

Compatibility : Android App, IOS App

Lensa, developed by Prisma Labs, is an advanced image editing app offering various features such as Magic Correction for facial retouching, tools for perfecting facial imperfections, background replacement or blurring, separate tuning for foreground and background, unique filters and special effects, and the option to add borders to photos.

  • An all-in-one image editing app.
  • Offers advanced features to enhance photos.

Available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Tool Description


    • Magic Correction: Enhances facial retouching with a single tap.
    • Various tools for perfecting facial imperfections.
    • Background replacement or blurring with a single touch.
    • Separate tuning options for foreground and background.
    • Unique filters and special effects to elevate photo editing.
    • Ability to add borders to photos for an extra edge.


Tool Pricing

1-week free trial

In-App Purchases

  • Magic Avatars Pack 2$5.99
  • Membership$35.99
  • Unlimited Access (1 Week)$2.99
  • Magic Avatars Pack 1$3.99
  • Unlimited Access$29.99
  • Unlimited Access$39.99
  • Unlimited Access$49.99
  • Magic Avatars Pack 10$7.99
  • Unlimited Access$4.99
  • Magic Avatars Pack 11$11.99