Akindi AI Tool
A web-driven evaluation platform that streamlines the generation and evaluation of multiple-choice exams.


Akindi’s AI tool for education has proven to be a valuable addition to the classroom. This software provides educators with a practical solution for creating and grading multiple-choice exams efficiently.

It simplifies the exam preparation process, making it less time-consuming for teachers.

Educators can easily create customized exams, tailoring questions to specific topics and difficulty levels. This flexibility allows for the creation of assessments that align with curriculum objectives.

The automated grading system is a significant time-saver. It swiftly and accurately grades exams, eliminating the need for manual scoring. This feature allows educators to focus more on analyzing student performance and addressing individual needs.

Additionally, the tool provides insightful analytics on student performance, helping educators identify areas where students may need additional support.

This data-driven approach enables teachers to make informed decisions about their instructional strategies.

Akindi’s AI tool for education is a practical and efficient solution for educators seeking to streamline their assessment processes. Its user-friendly design, automated grading system, and data analytics capabilities make it a valuable asset in the modern classroom.

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