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Roshi AI

Create learning material from anything online.



Roshi AI is an educational tool designed to simplify the process of creating learning material from online content. It offers the ability to generate lessons and interactive learning experiences with ease. Users can select any news article from the web or use their own text, and Roshi AI will assist in creating educational materials from that content. This platform is particularly valuable for language teachers and learners, allowing them to transform online articles or videos into educational exercises.

Roshi AI is known for its one-click approach, where teachers and educators can simplify and analyze online text sources for lesson creation. It aids in summarizing content, generating vocabulary lists, formulating questions, and developing activities for students. This simplification process streamlines the creation of educational content, saving educators valuable time and effort.

Additionally, Roshi AI is recognized for its effectiveness in creating flashcards and enhancing language learning experiences. Users can pick any YouTube video or online article and instantly generate summaries, vocabulary lists, questions, and activities for students.

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