miro ai tool
transforms new or intricate ideas into well-structured models


$ 8 /month

Miro AI, in beta, is an innovative feature that integrates artificial intelligence into the Miro platform to enhance collaboration and idea structuring. It instantly transforms new or intricate ideas into well-structured models, such as user stories, acceptance criteria, technical diagrams, and code. Miro AI works with various board objects, including stickies, images, cards, code blocks, sequence diagrams, and mind maps. It automates repetitive tasks and expands creative thinking during ideation and creation, speeding up work processes.

The AI functionality in Miro utilizes machine learning models alongside user input to generate content on the Miro board. Users can employ commands from the context menu or provide input in the Command palette to achieve actions like generating images, removing image backgrounds, generating stickies, and summarizing content on stickies. It’s a tool designed to facilitate brainstorming and unlock creativity within teams.

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