fluid ui ai tool

Fluid UI

creation of web and mobile prototypes for Android, iOS, and web platforms


$ 15 /month

Compatibility : Web Base, Android App, IOS App, Desktop

Fluid UI is a cloud-based solution that facilitates the creation of web and mobile prototypes for Android, iOS, and web platforms. It provides a platform where product designers can efficiently prototype their ideas and instantly share them for review and feedback. Users can quickly invite multiple collaborators to annotate and comment on the designs, fostering a collaborative design process. The tool is valuable for creating prototypes that scroll horizontally, enhancing the visualization and interaction of the design.

Fluid UI offers both free and premium subscription accounts, and users can start by creating their first web or mobile prototype for free. The platform is user-friendly, allowing even beginners or inexperienced users to swiftly learn and utilize its features for wireframing and prototyping. It supports the creation of captivating visual designs for various devices, aiding in the design and development of mobile applications and websites.

Tool Description


  • Prototype quicker using over 2000 built in components
  • Create interactive web and mobile prototypes with taps, swipes, clicks
  • Adding links to your prototypes also doubles as your screenflow
  • invite anyone to click through your prototype, chat together


Tool Pricing

Free Plan

  • 1 project, 10 pages
  • unlimited reviewer

Solo Plan – $ 15 /month

  • 3 project,
  • unlimited reviewer