Vidby ai tool
video and document translation, subtitling, and dubbing



Vidby AI is a platform that specializes in video translation, dubbing, and subtitling services. Here’s some information about Vidby AI:

  1. Translation and Dubbing: Vidby AI offers translation and dubbing services for videos in over 70 languages. It uses artificial intelligence to provide fast and accurate translations, ensuring that the content is accessible to a global audience.
  2. High Accuracy: Vidby AI boasts high translation accuracy, with claims of achieving translation accuracy rates of 99-100%. This accuracy is essential for maintaining the quality and integrity of the content across languages.
  3. Voice-to-Voice Dubbing: The platform also provides voice-to-voice dubbing into 75 languages and 65 dialects. This feature allows videos to be dubbed with human-sounding voices, enhancing the viewing experience.
  4. Content Localization: Vidby AI helps bridge language barriers, making it easier for businesses and content creators to expand their reach to international markets. Localization is crucial for reaching a diverse audience.

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