kompas ai

Kompas AI

AI agents for complex businesses and tasks


Kompas AI, platform offering sophisticated AI agents for businesses and professionals. 

It highlights features such as instant integration, team- wide productivity, data privacy, and compatibility across all devices.

comparison with ChatGPT Pro emphasizes Kompas AI’s faster response speed, unlimited GPT-4 usage, Google search support, and data privacy commitment.

  • Kompas AI provides sophisticated AI agents designed for immediate use in complex tasks.
  • The AI agents are optimized for intricate work demands, with a 250% speed increase, an unrestricted code interpreter, and unlimited resources for rapid problem-solving.
  • Customized AI agents can be easily created and shared to meet team needs while ensuring data privacy and control.
  • User data is never utilized for AI training, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.
  • Enhanced multilateral support enhances the efficiency of AI services across different languages.
  • Kompas AI caters to professionals and teams across various business sectors aiming to enhance productivity and engagement.
  • It’s suitable for individuals and team collaboration, making it useful for leaders, salespeople, consultants, engineers, and support staff.
  • The platform is compatible across all devices, ensuring accessibility.

Tool Description


  • 🔄 Tasks range from automating customer service to data analysis and more.
  • 💼 Businesses can enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual labor costs.
  • 📊 Decision-making is improved with data-driven insights.
  • 🌐 Adaptable across industries, making it valuable for diverse businesses.


Tool Pricing

Free trial for 5 days, cancel at any time.

Standard  – $ 22.99/ month

Unlimited GPT-3.5 conversations
Additional 2,500 message credits /month*
2,500 credits / month*
Larger Context LLM (GPT-4 32K, Gemini Ultra**)
Larger Knowledge Size Support
3rd Party Service Integration
Multiple Knowledge Integration
Support Add-ons
PRO – $ 39.99/ month
Unlimited GPT-3.5 conversations
Additional 4,000 message credits /month*
All the goodness of Standard, and:
4,000 credits / month*
Unlimited Knowledge Support
30mins Code Interpreter Execution