AIPhone tool

AI Phone

Live Call Transcribe & Translate


$ 19.99/monthly

Compatibility : Android App, IOS App
  • AI Phone: Smart Phone Number app provides live call transcription and translation, ensuring you never miss important details.
  • Local Phone Number for Texts & Calls allows users to pick a second number from any US area code without an extra SIM, with additional features like changing numbers for free monthly and making cheap international calls.
  • AI-Assisted Texting feature enables AI to compose text messages based on desired tones and topics, saving time with AI auto-reply.
  • AI Phone offers customizable plans, including AI Call Plan and AI Number Plan, with various subscription options and features such as call transcription, call summary, call translation, and AI-assisted texting.
  • AI Phone provides affordable international calls to over 200 countries, making it cost-effective to stay connected with overseas contacts.
  • In-App Purchases include credits for calling minutes and SMS texting, with different packages available.

Tool Description


  • AI Assistant for Phone Calls highlights key points, summarizes calls, and offers real-time translation during phone conversations.
  • Set up personalized voicemail, call forwarding, and Do Not Disturb features to manage your calls efficiently.
  • Have fun with the AI ChatBot, which can assist with text messages and answer questions.



Tool Pricing

In-App Purchases

  • AI Phone Number Weekly Plan $6.99
  • AI Call Weekly Plan $4.99
  • AI Phone Number Annual Plan $79.99
  • Mini Credit Package $5.99
  • AI Call Weekly Plan $4.99
  • AI Call Annual Plan $39.99
  • AI Number Monthly Pro Plan $19.99
  • Mini Minutes Package $5.99
  • Large Credit Package $24.99
  • Medium Credit Package $12.99