chat base ai tool


advanced conversational analytics platform that helps businesses analyze and optimize their AI-driven chatbot interactions



It empowers businesses to delve deep into their chatbot interactions, offering granular data on user behavior and engagement. The tool’s key features include intent analysis, conversation mapping, and real-time analytics.

It has proven invaluable in identifying areas for improvement, refining conversational design, and ultimately delivering more effective user experiences. Its intuitive dashboard allows for easy visualization of trends and patterns.

Its seamless integration with popular messaging platforms simplifies data collection and analysis. While the tool does require some initial configuration, the payoff in terms of refining chatbot strategies is well worth the effort.

Tool Description



Tool Pricing

Free Plan-

  • 30 message credits/month
  • 1 chatbot
  • 400,000 characters/chatbot
  • Embed on unlimited websites
  • Upload multiple files
  • View conversation history