Brisk AI Tool

Brisk AI

Assists educators in identifying AI-generated content, enhancing the quality of student writing, and contributing to curriculum development.



Compatibility : Web Base, Chrome Extension

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education technology, Brisk AI has emerged as a game-changer for teachers seeking innovative ways to engage with their students and streamline their workflow. This comprehensive AI tool offers a range of features designed to empower educators in various aspects of their teaching journey.

Brisk AI excels in aiding teachers to detect AI-generated writing, a growing concern in today’s digital age. Its robust plagiarism detection capabilities provide educators with the means to ensure academic integrity and uphold high standards of originality in student work. This functionality not only saves time but also cultivates a culture of honesty and creativity within the classroom.

One of Brisk AI’s standout features is its ability to enhance student writing quality. Its intelligent grammar and style suggestions offer precise feedback, helping students refine their writing skills. Teachers can leverage this tool to provide personalized guidance, ultimately leading to improved student performance.

Moreover, Brisk AI lends a helping hand in curriculum development. Its data-driven insights and analytics offer valuable information on student progress and areas needing improvement. This enables educators to fine-tune their teaching strategies, ensuring that curriculum materials are effective and up-to-date.

In conclusion, Brisk AI has emerged as an indispensable companion for educators. It not only aids in maintaining academic integrity and improving writing quality but also contributes to the overall enhancement of the teaching and learning experience. With Brisk AI, teachers can confidently navigate the digital age of education, fostering an environment of growth and excellence.

Tool Description


  • AI-detection of student writing, plagiarism checking, grammar error identification
  • curriculum development assistance, creation and sourcing of learning content, worksheets, resources, and exam questions
  • helps educators complete tasks more efficiently
  •  history data to assess the effort that students put into their assignments


Tool Pricing

for Teacher – Limited free access to core tools

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