architect gpt ai tool


visual designs for homes and properties based on uploaded photos


$ 10 /month

Compatibility : Web Base

ArchitectGPT is an AI-powered design tool that empowers users to create stunning visual designs for homes and properties based on uploaded photos.

By utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, ArchitectGPT generates captivating graphic plans for buildings and residences, making it a revolutionary tool for architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals.

It offers an intuitive interface and customizable themes, making the design process efficient and accessible.

Tool Description


  • wide variety of themes to generate stunning visuals for your home exterior, home interior, landscape
  • specific room to customize, from living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to home theaters
  • color palette that you can use to decorate your home
  • Generate 360 Panoramas to have a detailed idea
  • your words to generate to make that vision come to life


Tool Pricing

Basic Plan – $ 10 /month

  • 150 image generated to month
  • 35 exterior theme
  • 35 interior theme
  • 35 building theme
  • 20 landscapes
  • 10 room type