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Simple and Credible Open AI and Bard detector tool for Free


$ 8.29 /month

ZeroGPT is a software tool designed to determine whether a given text was created using an AI program like ChatGPT or Google Bard, as opposed to being written by a human. It is regarded as an advanced and reliable ChatGPT detector tool. ZeroGPT uses algorithms to analyze text and discern patterns and word choices that are indicative of AI-generated content. This tool is based in Hamburg, Germany, and is acclaimed for its accuracy in detecting AI-generated text, although it may also occasionally flag human-generated content, presenting a challenge in trusting the results.

Tool Description


  1. Plagiarism Check: It can detect AI-generated content and differentiate it from human-generated text, aiding in identifying potential plagiarism.
  2. Human Optimization: ZeroGPT helps in flagging human-generated content, enhancing the ability to discern AI-generated text from human-written text.
  3. Detect Text: It efficiently detects AI-generated content and provides insights into which parts of the text were generated by AI or GPT models.
  4. Advanced Algorithm: Utilizes sophisticated algorithms to distinguish AI-generated text based on unique patterns and characteristics.
  5. Style Editing: Allows for identification of text generated in a style characteristic of AI, aiding in maintaining authenticity and originality.


Tool Pricing

Free Plan

  • 15 000 Characters per detection
Pro Plan – $ 8.29 /month
  • 50 000 Characters per detection