validate ai tool

Validator AI

provides a customized roadmap for idea-stage startups, along with an AI chatbot for assistance


$ 15/month

Compatibility : Web Base

Validator AI is an online platform that offers a personalized and customizable startup accelerator based on the same curriculum as the world’s best accelerators.

It is powered by AI and aims to help entrepreneurs validate their assumptions, prove market demand, and receive feedback and advice on their business ideas.

  •  Users can submit their ideas to Validator AI and receive detailed analysis and feedback that highlights potential problems or blind spots in their business plans
  • The AI mentor provides suggestions, tips, and warnings based on its analysis, helping users test the profitability and potential pitfalls of their ideas
  • The platform aims to help entrepreneurs save time and money by validating their ideas before investing resources into them

Tool Description


The product being described is an AI-customized startup accelerator. Here are the three features of this product:

  1. Customized Roadmap: The AI creates a unique day-by-day roadmap tailored to the individual’s goals, experience level, and ideas.
  2. AI-Powered Startup Mentor Chatbot: Users receive an AI chatbot trained on their idea to provide assistance and guidance throughout the accelerator program.
  3. No Application or Cohorts: The accelerator program is open to everyone, and individuals can proceed at their own pace without the need for applications or cohorts.


Tool Pricing

$ 15 per month