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high level of accuracy in detecting deepfake images


EUR 9.50 for 100 Images

TrueBees AI is a deepfake detection tool designed to validate the authenticity of AI-generated portraits shared on social media platforms. Deepfakes are AI-generated images and videos that can be manipulated to look like real individuals or events, often used to spread disinformation or deceive viewers. TrueBees AI leverages advanced AI technology developed by top researchers to detect deepfakes, ensuring the trustworthiness of visual content shared on social media.

This tool employs blockchain-based systems and digital image forensics to combat the diffusion of synthetically AI-generated images, specifically deepfakes, on social networks. By identifying and flagging AI-generated portraits, TrueBees contributes to the fight against the misuse of AI-generated content for deceptive purposes.

TrueBees offers a high level of accuracy in detecting deepfake images, helping users verify the authenticity of visual content they encounter on social media platforms. It combines innovative AI digital image forensics to provide reliable deepfake detection.

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