popai tool
Boosted Answers and AI workspace make document handling and presentations seamless and intelligent.


$ 9.90/month

Compatibility : Web Base

PopAi stands out as a groundbreaking platform, redefining document handling with its AI capabilities.

Whether you’re a student, teacher, or professional, PopAi simplifies document interactions by providing instant answers, summaries, and insights.

The platform introduces game-changing features, including a powerful PDF reader, Boosted Answers, and a chat-based interface for interactive document conversations.

Its personal AI workspace further enhances user convenience. In comparison to ChatGPT, PopAi’s innovation shines in its approach to revolutionize AI presentations.

This review explores PopAi’s advanced features, user benefits, and its role in the evolving landscape of AI presentations, making it a must-consider alternative for professionals and enthusiasts seeking impactful document handling and presentations.

Tool Description


PopAi redefines document handling with innovative features.

Its powerful PDF reader, Boosted Answers, and chat-based interface facilitate seamless interaction with documents.

The personal AI workspace streamlines project access.

PopAi excels in AI presentations, providing a cutting-edge platform for creating visually stunning and interactive presentations.

Its intuitive user interface ensures accessibility for both beginners and professionals. The AI capabilities enable dynamic and personalized content generation, optimizing presentations for maximum impact.


Tool Pricing

Free Plan

  • 10 GPT-3.5 questions/day
  • 2 GPT-4 questions/day
  • Up to 2 files per day in ChatwithDOC (GPT-3.5 only)
  • 2 free trials for Image Extraction in ChatwithDOC
  • Support scanned PDF(English) in ChatwithDOC
  • 1 ongoing presentation project in AI Presentation


Pro Plan – $ 9.90/month

  • 5000 GPT-3.5 questions/mo
  • 200 GPT-4 questions/mo
  • Up to 2000 pages per PDF
  • Support scanned PDF files in 94 languages
  • Free switching between models: GPT-3.5 and GPT-4
  • Full Access to AI Presentation
  • 15 ongoing presentation projects
  • Export presentation as PPTX
  • Watermark removal
  • AI-powered text editing
  • Full Access to ImageChat
  • Upload photos to Popai for AI analysis
  • Supports multiple image formats