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Opus Clip

This AI-powered tool streamlines video editing, offering auto-clipping, smart scene selection, and instant montage creation



Opus Clip AI is a game-changer in the realm of video editing. As someone who often finds themselves grappling with the complexities of editing software, I was astounded by the seamless experience this tool offers. Its auto-clipping feature is a revelation, effortlessly identifying and segmenting scenes from raw footage.

Opus Clip AI apart is its smart scene selection. The tool’s algorithm seems to understand the heart of my content, consistently picking out the most impactful moments. It’s as if it has an innate storytelling sense, making my videos more engaging and dynamic.

The instant montage creation is where Opus Clip AI truly shines. Within moments, it compiles selected clips into a coherent, visually pleasing montage. This feature alone would make it worth the investment, but the tool offers so much more.

Tool Description


1080p rendered clips
AI Curation with Virality Score
Auto reframe
Advanced AI Curation: topic, clip length, and timeframe
Custom Brand Template
Auto post to youtube shorts, Tiktok, Instagram reels, or download


Tool Pricing

60 minutes free upload minutes per month