Khroma ai tool
discover, search, and save color combos and palettes


Khroma AI is an innovative AI-powered color tool designed for designers and creative professionals. It streamlines the process of discovering, searching, and saving color combinations and palettes. Here’s some key information about Khroma AI based on the available search results:

  1. AI Color Tool for Designers: Khroma AI is described as the fastest way for designers to find and create color combos and palettes they’ll love. It offers an AI-driven approach to color selection and inspiration.
  2. Color Personalization: Using machine learning, Khroma AI learns which colors you prefer, allowing you to generate personalized color palettes based on your preferences. This feature can save designers time and help them discover unique color combinations.
  3. Streamlined Workflow: The tool is designed to simplify the color selection process for designers, making it easier to find the right colors for various design projects, from web design to graphic design.
  4. AI Features: Khroma AI leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and suggest colors that align with your design style and preferences. This AI-driven approach can enhance creativity and efficiency in design work.

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