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Inworld offers a comprehensive Character Engine for AI NPCs in gaming, enabling developers to create interactive, believable characters with lifelike behaviors, enhancing player engagement.

Character Engine: Inworld provides advanced solutions for AI NPCs, enhancing player engagement in gaming.

AI NPCs: They exhibit complex and lifelike human behaviors, transforming gaming experiences.

Drive Player Engagement: Enhance immersion, replayability, session length, and retention with engaging storylines and characters.

Impact Core Game Loop: Create addictive gaming loops that keep players returning.


Tool Description


Character Brain: Utilizes multimodal AI to mimic human expression including conversation, voice, animations, and emotions.

Contextual Mesh: Renders NPCs within the logic, lore, and fantasy of their worlds, ensuring immersive experiences.

Real-time AI: Optimized for performance, offering low-latency interactions that scale.

Integrations: Inworld offers integrations for common game engines and applications, making it easy to deploy.


Tool Pricing


Free up to 5,000 API interactions

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