Intellecs ai tool

Intellecs AI

retrieval and provide accurate summaries from PDF documents


PHP 399 /month

Compatibility : Web Base

Intellecs.AI is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify information retrieval and provide accurate summaries from PDF documents. Trusted by top students from leading universities, the platform allows users to upload any PDF, whether digitally generated or scanned from physical copies. It streamlines the reading process and facilitates efficient access to essential information.

Intellecs.AI aims to enhance productivity and streamline study workflows for professionals and students by revolutionizing the way information is accessed and summarized from diverse sources.

Tool Description


  • Processes uploaded PDF files to extract pertinent data
  • Delivers precise and succinct responses to user inquiries regarding the PDF content
  • advanced search capabilities


Tool Pricing

Free Plan

  • 3 text PDF
  • 1 scan PDF
  • max 50 page per PDF
  • QA limit of 50 question

Premium Plan – PHP 399 /month

  • unlimited text PDF
  • unlimited scan PDF
  • max 300 page per PDF
  • QA limit of 500 question
  • 16k context limit