AI tool for video dubbing, offering realistic voiceovers in over 140 languages and customizable captions


$ 33/month

The website is a platform that provides tools and services for video and audio dubbing, video editing, and transcription.

It offers a subtitle generator that simplifies the subtitling process and provides automatic transcriptions online. The platform is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Additionally, offers simultaneous translation services for important meetings.

Tool Description


Users can fully customize auto-generated captions and translated text, and the platform allows automatic translation and dubbing with just a few clicks, highlighting its user-friendly approach. has over 250 natural-sounding voices across 70+ languages, providing a realistic voice dubbing experience that doesn’t sound robotic.


Tool Pricing

Basic Plan: $33 per month for 300 minutes, AI voiceovers, and voice cloning

Business Plan: $89 per month for 1200 minutes and comprehensive tools

Business Plan: $189 per month for 6000 minutes and comprehensive tools