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FreePik AI

Generate high-quality photos, vectors, videos, and mockups


$ 12/month

Freepik offers an AI Image Generator, allowing users to convert text prompts into various styles of art, illustrations, and designs.


  • Freepik provides a free AI Image Generator for converting text prompts into diverse forms of visual art, including photo, digital art, 3D renderings, and paintings.
  • Users can spark their imagination and turn their prompts into captivating art in any desired style using the AI Image Generator.
  • Freepik offers a feature called “Freepik Pikaso,” which enables real-time sketch-to-image conversion.
  • The webpage encourages users to try out the AI Image Generator and provides a space for users to describe what they want to see in their generated images.
  • Tips for writing effective AI prompts are provided, suggesting that imagination is key in generating compelling art.

Tool Description


  • Variety of formats: Find photos, videos, vectors, templates, icons, PSD files, and AI-generated images.
  • AI-powered tools: Generate images from text or sketches, edit mockups online, and customize photos without software.
  • Ready-to-use content: Access thousands of pre-designed elements and an online editor for quick project turnaround.
  • Regular updates: Freepik’s library is constantly updated with fresh and trendy designs.


Tool Pricing

Free Plan

10 image download daily

20 ai text to image generation daily