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Design AI

assist individuals and businesses in graphic design, marketing, and content creation


$ 29 /month is a creative platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to simplify various aspects of the creative workflow. The platform offers a range of AI-powered tools and features that can assist individuals and businesses in graphic design, marketing, and content creation. Here are some key aspects of

  1. AI-Powered Graphic Design: provides an array of tools for graphic design tasks. Users can create professional-quality logos, graphics, and designs with the assistance of AI technology. The platform aims to streamline the design process, making it accessible to a wide range of users, including those without extensive design experience.
  2. Logo Generator: offers an AI-driven logo generator that helps users create unique and eye-catching logos. It simplifies the logo creation process by providing design suggestions based on user input.
  3. Color Matcher: Users can find the perfect color palettes for their projects using the Color Matcher tool. This feature can be particularly helpful for maintaining visual consistency in branding and design.
  4. Presentation Maker: includes a presentation maker tool that allows users to create captivating presentation slides effortlessly. This can be valuable for professionals and businesses looking to create engaging presentations.
  5. Video Maker: The platform also offers a video maker tool, enabling users to create videos for various purposes, such as marketing campaigns, social media content, and more.

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