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Instantly detect plagiarized content, AI generated


Copyleaks is an AI-based platform known for its plagiarism detection and content analysis capabilities. It is widely used by individuals, students, professionals, and organizations to identify plagiarized content and AI-generated text. Copyleaks offers a comprehensive similarity report for assignments and written content, aiding in skill development and originality checks.

Users can access Copyleaks through various plans, including free options for checking up to 20 pages, as well as education and business plans. Copyleaks has received positive reviews for its effectiveness in detecting plagiarism, including AI-generated content, making it a trusted tool among writers and educators.

The platform employs advanced AI-powered algorithms and machine learning to spot even subtle variations in content across more than 100 languages. Additionally, Copyleaks offers a Chrome extension called the AI Content Detector for verifying whether content was created by humans or AI chatbots.

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