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Suzan AI

platform may be used for a wide range of AI-related tasks



Suzan AI is a technology-related topic that appears to involve various AI-related services and applications. Here is some information based on the search results:

  1. Suzan AI Services: Suzan AI is described as a platform that offers access to Generative AI services and models. It is designed to filter and enrich requests and generated answers from Language Model Models (LLMs). The platform may be used for a wide range of AI-related tasks, but specific details about its functionality are not provided in the search results.
  2. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution: Suzan AI also appears to offer a zero-trust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. This solution is designed to enable secure usage of various Generative AI services, such as ChatGPT, without compromising data security.
  3. Other AI Tools: The search results mention Suzan AI as an AI tool focused on cybersecurity and data protection. It is described as a tool for detecting and preventing inappropriate or illegal requests, thus helping to secure AI services.
  4. Susan AI Virtual Assistant: There is a mention of “Susan AI” on Google Play, described as an all-in-one AI virtual assistant, which may or may not be related to Suzan AI.

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